The Flavor Field Needs New Solutions

Until very recently the flavor industry relied on classic sensory evaluation of food ingredients and food products and its past experiences with food formulations and production to drive its business model and develop novel food products and beverages. However, due to limitations in capacity, high costs as well as safety aspects, this conventional approach of research and development does not allow for the processing of large numbers of samples in a time and cost efficient manner thereby limiting further increase in productivity. Consequently, classic sensory analysis alone cannot fulfill the increasing demand of discovering and developing novel and innovative flavor and taste modifying compounds for food products.

To overcome this bottleneck, IMAX Discovery has adopted the same approach and technologies typically used by the pharmaceutical industry for the drug discovery process, thereby gaining a significant enhancement in productivity. IMAX Discovery offers its clients the possibility to test thousands of samples per day on well established and exclusive technology platforms in order to discover new bioactive molecules.

Bioactive Compound/Hit Finding

IMAX Discovery has profound experience in conducting discovery programs to identify new compounds acting as modulators for the basic taste modalities, fat perception, temperature perception (warming/cooling) and spiciness.

For the systematic identification of new bioactive compounds, IMAX Discovery applies automated high throughput screening (HTS) methods with an average daily throughput of 50,000 test points per screening station.

Pre-selecting compounds based on HTS and criteria like target activation and toxicity delivers specifically pre-qualified compounds to sensory panels and results in a considerably increased chance of success in finding novel taste modifying molecules.

In addition to its great experience in running successful HTS campaigns, IMAX Discovery offers clients access to its proprietary natural compound collection of approximately 100,000 individual samples (from a collection of > 40,000 microorganisms and 5,000 plants as well as other natural sources) and its synthetic compound collection of 290,000 compounds characterized by a high level of novelty and diversity.

IMAX Discovery can support its clients over the entire course of the flavor modulator discovery process from flavor target identification and validation to identification and further development of new bioactive compounds. Thanks to its exclusive proprietary technology platforms, IMAX Discovery can undertake screening campaigns with hundreds of thousands of compounds from either IMAX Discovery’s own compound collections or libraries provided by clients as well as compound profiling activities on a small number of selected compounds. Since the foundation of the company, the team of IMAX Discovery scientists has successfully completed even challenging projects and also has comprehensive experience with large collections of extracts and fractions. Moreover, IMAX Discovery has the experience and the know-how to newly develop or adapt novel assays for target molecules for high-throughput screening using innovative and new technologies so as to offer its clients the best solutions for their needs.