AXXDIV4.0 Compound Collection

Besides the access to the natural compound collection, IMAX Discovery offers an entirely new generation screening collection composed of 290,000 synthetic compounds, carefully selected on the basis of Axxam’s broad screening expertise and with significant input from the company’s team of medicinal and computational chemists.

The AXXDIV4.0 library is not focused on a specific target class or chemical space built around a target class but is rather diverse and meant to explore the highest diversity possible. The compounds have been selected to be novel and multiple filters were applied in the selection process to exclude undesirable features.

AXXDIV4.0 Composition

In order to address the different needs of clients, the screening collection AXXDIV4.0 is composed of three different subsets.

DISCOVERY SET: 180,000 compounds providing a scaffold-based approach

EXPLORER 98 SET: 98,000 compounds ensuring highest chemical diversity

PROBE SET: 12,000 compounds covering the fragment-like space

Each subset can be accessed independently.