Business Model

IMAX Discovery’s goal is to provide its clients and partners with solutions tailored for their specific needs and demands. IMAX Discovery offers such solutions as selected services up to strategic discovery and development programs.
IMAX Discovery is positioned to identify and further develop innovative taste and odor modulating ingredients integrating the value chain of discovery and development from bench to product. In close cooperation with a network of partners, IMAX Discovery engages in creating innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s needs of consumers and industry, particularly on natural products.

IMAX Discovery offers to its clients different kinds of services to fit their specific needs. This could be for example:

Screening campaigns and/or compound profiling activities on the basis of a fee for service agreement

IMAX Discovery undertakes screening campaigns (on large compound collections) as well as compound profiling activities (on a limited number of test samples) on its exclusive technology platforms (cell-based assays for human receptors involved in taste, odor and other sensory perceptions) using compounds provided by clients.

Full discovery and development programs on the basis of a partnership agreement

IMAX Discovery offers the possibility to set up a strategic partnership with clients for the identification and further development of innovative flavors, fragrances and taste imparting or modulating ingredients by conducting a screening campaign against its screening compound collections under exclusivity.

Licensing opportunities

IMAX Discovery offers to the food/flavor industry a pipeline of proprietary novel taste modulators to modify and improve the characteristics of existing formulations.

IMAX Discovery maintains successful collaborations with top companies in the food and beverage industry, pet food industry and major flavor houses.