Bitter Platform

To identify compounds able to smoothen/mask the bitter taste of food ingredients such as cocoa, high intensity sweeteners, whole grains, etc.

The Bitter Platform comprises all 25 human bitter taste receptors (hTAS2Rs) expressed in specific recipient cell lines for functional analysis.

The platform is suitable to identify the specific TAS2Rs activated by a compound and/or to identify compounds positively or negatively interacting with specific TAS2R receptors.

Trigeminal Platform

To identify novel compounds with direct or modulating cooling, tingling and hot/spicy properties

The Trigeminal Platform comprises a panel of cell-based assays for detectors responsible for the somatosensory perception of cool, hot, and tingling (TRPM8, TRPA1, TRPV1).

This platform allows for the identification of novel compounds with direct or modulating cooling, tingling and hot properties with the help of specific assays involving members of transient receptor potential (TRP) channels.

Fatty Acid Receptor Platform

To identify compounds able to improve satiety and tackle obesity

The Fatty Acid Receptor Platform allows for the identification of food ingredients which:

  • Act on fatty acid taste receptors
  • Modulate or increase the response of receptors responsive to fatty acids
  • Trigger the release of hormones related to hunger-satiety cycle (via downstream signaling mechanisms)

The platform comprises functional cell-based assays for GPCRs involved in fatty acid detection and metabolism including GPR120, GPR40 , GPR43, TGR5, and GPR119.

Umami Platform – to be developed

To identify novel compounds causing a pleasant savory taste perception

IMAX Discovery offers the experience and knowledge to develop a functional cell-based assay suitable to detect, with full FTO, agonists, enhancers and allosteric modulators of the human umami receptor TAS1R1/TAS1R3.

IMAX Discovery is looking for a partner in the food/flavor industry interested in funding the development of this platform.

Salt Platform

To identify compounds able to activate/enhance the functionality of salt receptors

IMAX Discovery has developed a Salt Platform that comprises functional cell-based assays for the known human salt receptors in order to identify novel ingredients helping to reduce the use of salt in food and beverages.

IMAX Discovery offers the capabilities to validate new potential salt receptors and develop related functional cell-based assays.