Welcome to IMAX Discovery

IMAX Discovery GmbH is a research driven company, creating innovation through the generation and development of novel and natural flavour compounds for the food and beverage industry.

Using our strong technology platforms and expertise around taste receptors and natural products IMAX Discovery generates proprietary product pipelines of natural product based novel taste modulators.

Whether you are interested in our solutions, the possibilities our approach offers or the technical background of our work – we welcome you and are glad to answer your questions.

Who we are

IMAX Discovery is an equity joint venture between the natural product specialist IMD Natural Solutions GmbH and the leading discovery company Axxam SpA: combining the strengths of the two companies, IMAX Discovery became a foremost innovator of taste modifiers, in particular in the field of Natural Products. The company boasts an excellent target class know-how, smart assay development capabilities and fast HTS/Hit ID platforms, unique natural product discovery and development experience and efficient down-stream infrastructure.

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Projects & Products

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Compound Collections

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Business Model

IMAX Discovery’s goal is to provide its clients and partners with solutions tailored for their specific needs and demands. IMAX offers such solutions as selected services up to strategic discovery and development programs.

IMAX Discovery is positioned to identify and further develop innovative taste modulating ingredients integrating the value chain of discovery and development from bench to product. In close cooperation with a network of partners, IMAX Discovery engages in creating innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s needs of consumers and industry, particularly on natural products.

IMAX Discovery GmbH

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